Chaotic Neural is about machine learning (deep learning), neurobiology, and language. It is the professional website and blog of Henry George Wolf VII.

Henry is a PhD student, an IGERT fellow, and the founder of the Deep Learning Research Group at the University of Connecticut. His current research applies image recognition techniques (convolutional neural networks) to computational models of reading to allow for models of bilingualism. Another project involves the connectionist (machine learning) simulations of individual differences among readers with dyslexia.

His research and professional interests include:

  1. simulating bilingualism and second language acquisition
  2. deploying deep learning solutions to challenging research questions
  3. examining the social and philosophical implications of general machine intelligence

Henry has lived and worked in Asia (Akita, Seoul, and Tokyo) for several years and speaks Japanese and Mandarin. He earned an MA in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages from Teachers College Columbia University Japan and a BS in International Business and Marketing from the University of Dayton. He is an avid football (soccer) fan and mountaineer. His mountaineering exploits can be found at Peak Wolf. You may follow him on Twitter and on GitHub.