a summer of modeling and mastery

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I spent last summer in Suzhou studying Mandarin. 可是,我忘了多中文。でも、実は今は日本語勉強したい。I will spend this summer in Connecticut doing research and writing. While it is technically the summer holiday, this is the first day with enough downtime to allow a short post. I was, thanks to an NSF IGERT Innovation Grant, able to bring Dr. Thomas Hannagan to the University of Connecticut in order to work with me and the rest of the deep learning research group on computational models of human cognition involving convolutional neural networks. I was initially under the impression that he would best be able to assist us with a technical understanding of the implementation of deep learning in psychology, but the reality is that we needed more assistance with defining and narrowing the research questions we want to answer and the phenomena we seek to model.

We have him for another ten days, so I expect to have a great deal to work on until the end of the month. This means I will be unable to submit a paper for NIPS 2016. However, between now and the end of August, there is much I plan to complete. This includes:

  1. writing and submitting for publication my second master’s thesis
  2. writing and submitting for publication a paper on computational modeling
  3. examining determiner use in atypical populations
  4. running simulations of pluralization in atypical populations
  5. running simulations of monolingual and bilingual naming

This is aside from more personal goals that include getting regular exercise, writing the beginnings of a novel, and climbing the Grand Teton. I also plan to update this blog more regularly. In particular, I plan to use the ability to embed code to share some tutorials on modeling in TensorFlow. Alas, that is for another day.


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