Henry Wolf

  http://chaoticneural.com IGERT fellow in Neurobiology of Language at the University of Connecticut. Founder of chaoticneural.com and wolfnotes.org.


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why in July

July was a month spent in deep reflection for me. The effects are going to be far reaching. I have been spending less time...
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the march of change

I purchased a new website that will serve as an educational resource to the machine learning and data science spaces. Yes, I know this...
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a year of quiet

I prefer to start new year resolutions on my birthday, rather than in January. In this way, I always have a 22 day lead...
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Orthographic Representation Learning for Modeling Dyslexia

Below is my poster for the Annual Conference on Neural Information Processing Systems (NIPS) 2017. It is to be presented on 8 December 2017...
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Synergy Global Forum NYC

Over the past two days, I attended the Synergy Global Forum at The Theater in Madison Square Garden. The event was primarily a business...
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