Henry Wolf

  http://chaoticneural.com IGERT fellow in Neurobiology of Language at the University of Connecticut. Founder of chaoticneural.com and wolfnotes.org.


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small data and Pokémon GO evolutions

Pokémon Go has taken over the world, but it has remained unclear how the different pokémon statistics contribute to CP and HP. Some have...
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football, women, and Google ⚽️

The “Interesting Calendars” section of Google calendars has been left underdeveloped for some time. While one intern could produce thousands of useful calendars each...
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a summer of modeling and mastery

I spent last summer in Suzhou studying Mandarin. 可是,我忘了多中文。でも、実は今は日本語勉強したい。I will spend this summer in Connecticut doing research and writing. While it is technically the...
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research interview questions

The University of Connecticut Neurobiology of Language program holds a week of training and tutorials every January. This year, I was chair of the...
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Machines of Loving Grace, part 2

This is the second part of this review. For my earlier thoughts click here. This book might well have been subtitled “A Love Letter...
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