Henry Wolf

  http://chaoticneural.com IGERT fellow in Neurobiology of Language at the University of Connecticut. Founder of chaoticneural.com and wolfnotes.org.


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Machines of Loving Grace, part 1

I have decided to read a book each week in 2016 as part of my resolution for the new year. As it is winter...
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reimagining academic publishing

Frustration with the process of publishing academic papers seems to be widespread in the scientific fields. Major publishers charge exorbitant amounts to read each article,...
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visualizing the path of The Dordrecht

This week in the data science research group, we focused on improving our visualization abilities. We primarily worked with ggplot2, but also started using...
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two new research groups

The first term of my second year at the University of Connecticut has begun. I was asked to found a new deep learning reading...
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reviewing my regression

Just a short update: This week we covered chapter three of ISLR on linear regression. One general comment is that it was primarily a...
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