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a year of quiet

In general by Henry Wolf2 Comments

I prefer to start new year resolutions on my birthday, rather than in January. In this way, I always have a 22 day lead on anyone else. While it is …

a summer of modeling and mastery

In general by Henry WolfLeave a Comment

I spent last summer in Suzhou studying Mandarin. 可是,我忘了多中文。でも、実は今は日本語勉強したい。I will spend this summer in Connecticut doing research and writing. While it is technically the summer holiday, this is the first …

learning about machine learning

In general by Parker Tichko2 Comments

Hello, I’m Parker. I’m a graduate student in the developmental division of UConn’s Psychology program and also a fellow in UConn’s IGERT program in Language Plasticity. Before spending a summer …