machine learning

Orthographic Representation Learning for Modeling Dyslexia

Below is my poster for the Annual Conference on Neural Information Processing Systems (NIPS) 2017. It is to be presented on 8 December 2017...
Henry Wolf
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individual differences in sensitivity to homophony in visual word…

I successfully defended my MS thesis, titled Individual Differences in Sensitivity to Homophony in Visual Word Recognition, on 24 April 2017. Follow the link...
Henry Wolf
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new blog series incoming

While there are a large number of useful tutorials that explain machine learning to coders, most seem to lack a basis in curriculum development. By...
Henry Wolf
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two new research groups

The first term of my second year at the University of Connecticut has begun. I was asked to found a new deep learning reading...
Henry Wolf
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reviewing my regression

Just a short update: This week we covered chapter three of ISLR on linear regression. One general comment is that it was primarily a...
Henry Wolf
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