small data and Pokémon GO evolutions

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Pokémon Go has taken over the world, but it has remained unclear how the different pokémon statistics contribute to CP and HP. Some have said that the height and weight factors do nothing at all. This, however, is not the case. Using a small data set from OpenIntro and a small amount of linear regression in R, I was able to determine the major factors contributing the post-evolution CP and HP.

Here is a link to the analyses, graphs, and results: CLICK HERE

TLDR. Eevee aside, there seems to be a linear relationship between pre- and post-evolution CP and HP. Pre-evolution CP and HP are important in both post-evolution CP and HP. The amount of stardust necessary to power up, a stand in for the amount it is already powered up, has an effect on post-evolution CP – but not HP. Weight and height have an effect on post-evolution HP – but not CP.

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