two new research groups

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The first term of my second year at the University of Connecticut has begun. I was asked to found a new deep learning reading group, but have put a heavy emphasis on learning how to implement deep learning solutions into research. As such, it is the UConn Deep Learning Research Group (DLRG). This group meets twice monthly and is still in the organizational phase. Going forward, we plan to work through the tutorials on and read an assortment of articles.

With regards to content, there was significant overlap with the Machine Intelligence Research Group (MIRG). This group has now pivoted to focus on data science. As such, it is the UConn Data Analysis Working Group (DAWG). This group meets weekly and has worked through tutorials on dplyr and ggplot2. We have also been implementing the strategies we learn and develop via Kaggle.

The fruits of these labors will be posted here on chaotic neural.

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